Mission Statement:

To maintain America’s great music invention: JAZZ; by bringing jazz to the community through performance at community gatherings; to further the study of jazz to those who cannot afford the cost; to pay musicians a fair rate for their effort.

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What is Music to Us?

To quote Bill Harvey (in part), “What is it about music that gets us in these nice moods, or helps us to loosen up and move without fear?" In other words music gives us confidence and happiness. Well, I believe that it is the way the composer has used the notes; the ones that resonate with feelings you hold in your soul. If I am feeling down, I often listen to slow, heartwarming music, because the notes are sympathetic to what I feel. The music helps us to reach and express what is held inside of us.

Good music is relaxing, a release of tension. Without music our life would not be the same. Our everyday lives are filled with sounds of music. We drive with our radios tuned to the station (and music) we love. We dance, walk, strut, sit, tap our foot, clap, wave our hand, hug, laugh, and pray - all to music.

I love to play music because I lose myself to the beat, to the harmony and to the breathing of the other musicians. I’ve learned, literally, to play well with others, as my mother used to admonish me.

The best music is made when the players breathe together, or as George Sinkler (pianist) tells it, we dance together. There is simply not a better feeling. I close my eyes and I am one with the other players and the audience. We all feel and know when we have reached that inner space together. We glow in mutual applause. That’s why we have music; at least that’s the “why” for me. Jazz, the only American invention in music, has become an integral part of our life and the lifeblood of music in our lives. My wish is to bring this feeling, this togetherness, and this community to as many people as possible. This is my goal.

—A message from founder, Alan Segal